sad shark boi so sad
oh, you little bishie.



Well I guess it’s not my imagination. I just went to his channel and pardon my French, but holy fucking shit is it sexier than I thought.

Great, another YouTuber to obsess over.

You hear that guys?



(ↀДↀ)✧ a-adorable! …how about this, little buddy.

This is just too much fun! I want to know why my left hand is just completely out of control. Try it out guys, blank here. It’s even more funny when you try it out for yourself, I promise.
egadmychips asked:
Wow! I'm amazed at, and I'll definitely look more into your stuff because gee, it looks great! Keep it up, man! :D

Thank you, it’s heartwarming to get such positive feedback. It’s fuel to my inspiration. You too, bro, stay sweeeet. /hug/

bucci13 asked:
You're so amazing! I wish I'll draw like you someday. I found your amazing art on Cry's blog and came to check it out. I was not disappointed! You're amazing. Keep it up, please.

Eyyh, thanks so much! Your words are sweeter than donuts and oh boy I could really go for a donut right now…  Off topic. Yes, I breath, eat, sleep and draw, mostly draw, so I swear I’ll keep doing what I do cause I love it!

Thanks for the comment and have fun with doing art and stuff. Have fun in life generally.

All of you, you hear me? FUN!