oh, you little bishie.



Well I guess it’s not my imagination. I just went to his channel and pardon my French, but holy fucking shit is it sexier than I thought.

Great, another YouTuber to obsess over.

You hear that guys?



(ↀДↀ)✧ a-adorable! …how about this, little buddy.

This is just too much fun! I want to know why my left hand is just completely out of control. Try it out guys, blank here. It’s even more funny when you try it out for yourself, I promise.
egadmychips asked:
Wow! I'm amazed at, and I'll definitely look more into your stuff because gee, it looks great! Keep it up, man! :D

Thank you, it’s heartwarming to get such positive feedback. It’s fuel to my inspiration. You too, bro, stay sweeeet. /hug/

bucci13 asked:
You're so amazing! I wish I'll draw like you someday. I found your amazing art on Cry's blog and came to check it out. I was not disappointed! You're amazing. Keep it up, please.

Eyyh, thanks so much! Your words are sweeter than donuts and oh boy I could really go for a donut right now…  Off topic. Yes, I breath, eat, sleep and draw, mostly draw, so I swear I’ll keep doing what I do cause I love it!

Thanks for the comment and have fun with doing art and stuff. Have fun in life generally.

All of you, you hear me? FUN!

"This can’t be the credits. You were the limelight! You were the limelight girl and I’ll never find another - and I’m never going to recover. " Boyinaband & CRY - Limelight
Quick question guys, is this a thing yet?